The Muslim Women’s Manifesto; It's as empowering as it sounds.

2 min readOct 1, 2020


No, it is a unanimous truth,

And it is that he-whose vision encompasses all,

but that none encompass him,

It is that He is irresistible,

and we, women,

choose to submit

to none-but Him.

(Spoken Word — Kashmir Maryam)

So a couple of days someone gifted me this book. The name immediately struck me as very bold and empowering and for a guide to achieving phenomenal success both worlds, it does what it says on the tin.

If your not a big reader this book is definitely for you. It gets straight to the point; short and concise. What I love about Kashmir Maryam and how she sets out this book is that it is very practical. It gives practical advice on how to go about implementing these changes in your day to day life. A lot of self-development, self-help books give you advice but this tends to be very wishy-washy. Not actual changes you can implement in your day to day life. At the end of each section, she gives activities, takes you should practice implementing each habit, each way od thinking in your life.

In a world where we are constantly influenced by social media, celebrities, western ideas Kashmir Maryam’s book is refreshing and very much needed. Speaking as a young girl when you don’t have a guide to navigate you on how to do things Islamically, the Islamic way of doing things you end up following western ideas thinking they are the right way.

Kashmir Maryam’s deals with a lot of current issues that our generation face, the hijab struggle, social media influencers etc. So much so that it doesnt feel outdated, it doesnt feel like she can’t relate. She speaks practically taking into account the current society we live in.

In a world where so many of us want to be empowered independent women. In a culutre which dictates that women must marry and have kids this piece of literature is a breath of fresh air. Kashmir Maryam suggests that women dont have to marry, there are different paths to pleasing Allah and marriage is just one of those ways. Beautifully put and just a reminder to all of us that Islam teaches you can be anything you want too as long you remain in the guidelines that Allah (SWT) has set out.

Like I said such a refreshing way of looking at things. Reminding us that we should look to the prophet’s wives, the woman of the prophet as our role models. To teach us, to guide us to the path of sirat ul mustaqeem. (Straight Path)

Truly the Muslim Women’s Manifesto.




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