The Beauty of Art Therapy

In my mind Art/creativity, in general, was only for people who were “talented” and had the artistic flair. Therefore I always thought art wasn't for me because I wasn't creative and didn’t have natural art.

Just because your not naturally talented doesn't mean you can't be artistic you can’t be creative. We seemed to fuelled with this idea that you have to be exceptionally talented at the things you enjoy. You have to some gain profit from these things. Paint badly, draw badly you don’t need to profit from things that you enjoy doing.

I don’t think there's such a thing as pure talent, anyone who does something they love, spends time practising and practising. I started really getting into during the first lockdown, purely out of boredom and trying to find something to do. As soon realised just how purely enjoyable art therapy is.

Any form of art is an expression of the soul, a way to explore one's emotions feelings in a healthy and positive way. Art as well as being something to pass the time and something extremely enjoyable I realised that it helped me channel my emotions.

Numerous other clinical reports have supported the therapeutic benefits of art therapy. Chronically ill individuals have reported better health and well-being, and people with breast cancer have reported a decrease in negative emotions and an increase in positive emotions. Further, individuals undergoing hemodialysis treatment reported reduced depression, and people adversely affected by trauma have reported lower levels of stress, less compassion fatigue, and an increased sense of purpose. (Good Therapy.Org)

I have always struggled with OCD, anxiety and stress and especially in lockdown, I struggled a lot with the intrusive thoughts. I used to suppress these emotions because talking about or expressing them was too painful. I would try to push them down, and that would often cause more stress and anxiety as I wasn't dealing with them properly. I was stuck in a vicious cycle. Art allowed me to channel those thoughts and find peace within myself and express my emotions in a positive and healthy way.

A 2017 study found that art displayed in hospital settings contributed to an environment where patients felt safe. It also played a role in improving socialization and maintaining an identity outside of the hospital.

Art I feel has always been an innate part of being human, a way for humans to communicate and express themselves and despite what people say we all the essence of creativity within us.



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