Experiencing a lack of fulfilment

I think this tumultuous year went we’ve all experienced a lack of fulfilment or lack of feeling accomplished especially this year. It seems that as a society we instilled this hustle culture, that we need to be productive 24/7. This culture of constantly being productive, constantly working and that everything in our lives has to provide towards a capitalist fulfilment; one which will benefit society.

Of course working harder, putting in the effort to achieve our goals is very important and we should try to put our energies towards it. I think the problem lies when we submerge ourselves into this hustle culutre and put our heads to the grindstone. We become too hard on ourselves, and allow ourselves to believe without benefiting capitalism in some way shape or form we aren’t worthy.

The result being, we feel unfulfilled, unsatisfied with what we’ve been able to achieve. We feel that our existence is not enough and we should’ve accomplished great things. Especially this year I found myself at numerous time, feeling guilty and distraught that I haven't done much this year. That I haven’t been able to do all the things I planned. That this gap year did not go as I intended and the niggling thought that this year has been a “waste.” Almost forgetting that I have survived and I am surviving a deadly pandemic. Was it a waste that I worked on myself, my own well-being? Was it waste that I was able to develop positive habits, pick up new hobbies and learn so many lessons about myself. Was it waste that I was able to dedicate time to my inner spirituality and coming to terms with myself? Just because it didn't benefit capitalism doesn’t mean its a waste!

My point being, that not doing anything is perfectly fine and okay. Taking time out is perfectly fine and HEALTHY!

Realising that every action you, everything you do doesn’t has to be fuelled towards capitalism and productivity. Everything you do even the small things are so meaningful and I am sorry that you have been taught to believe that they aren’t.

So go doing something that brings you pure utter joy doesn’t matter what it just do it and don’t allow yourself to get caught up in this narrative that every moment of your life has to be productive, and fuel capitalist hustle culture.



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Hiya! My name is Maryam and welcome to my space! I usually write about anything that comes to my mind! Mostly sociology related!